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Advanced CO2 Capture Technologies for Clean Coal Energy Generation

1st International Conference & CCS Summer School



      We invite you to participate in the Conference and Summer School "Advanced CO2 Capture Technologies for Clean Coal Energy Generation", which will be held from 06. 07. 2015 to10. 07. 2015 in Cracow. The event is organized by the Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies Czestochowa University of Technology, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal and TAURON  Wytwarzanie S.A.

    The combustion of coal is the main source for energy generation i many countries, including Poland. One of the solutions to reduce CO2 emissions may be the introduction of carbon capture and storage technology, popularly known as CCS. It is extremely important, therefore, to involve scientific centers from throughout the world in the development of clean coal technologies. This will include both conducting research on carbon dioxide capture, chiefly on a pilot scale, and taking advantage of the experience of countries that are developing advanced carbon capture technologies and are seeking a platform for cooperation in CCS area. The reduction of carbon dioxide emission from the energy sector will only be possible on condition that research centres form different countries, who develop CO2 capture technologies, are jointly involved in the research.

      The aim of the CCS conference and CCS summer school is to integrate the scientific, business and local government, allowing the exchange of views, thoughts and analysis in the field CCS as well as knowledge and experience transfer in area of advanced CO2 capture technologies includes all environmental, social and economic aspects. CCS conferences are extremely important for the further development of this technology in Poland. The aim of the CCS Summer School is to deepen the knowledge of young researchers.

      Detailed information about Conference and Summer School are included in the attached announcement.